Top wood flooring companies in UAE that you can get only at Construction Souq

Wood flooring gives a hardwearing, solid surface that will age nimbly. Hence apart from choosing the best wood flooring companies in UAE.

you should also pick a strong, laminate or engineered board to add an appealing look to your home.

Are you hoping to refresh your ground surface and don’t have a clue where to begin? Wood flooring surfaces ought to be your first choice.

Wood flooring companies in UAE make an extraordinary background to any contemporary or modern interior while working as a crucial part of a home’s character.

This includes durable timber to wood lookalikes, to reclaimed, it very well may be hard to realize where to begin.

Wood flooring

Undoubtedly one of the most popular flooring types nowadays is ‘Engineered Wood Flooring.’ But only very few know what it is.

This kind of wood flooring is designed with three layers of wood that are pressed on the top of one another which are done at conflicting angles.

This is called layering and which also manufactured in this way to create a more solid floor and to avoid expansion and contraction that usually happens in the solid wood floor.

The engineered wood floor uses authentic wood.

The topmost layer of this flooring is the finishing layer, which is usually made of walnut, oak or any other hardwoods generally with a thickness of 3mm or 4mm.

The last bottom two layers are made with birch wood or any other softwoods.

Unlike solid wood flooring or laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring can be used in many areas, because of the eco-friendly nature.

It is since only very few of the Mother Earth’s slow-growing hardwoods have been used in the industrial process.

This comprehensive article will help you understand why you want to approach constructionsouq to hire best wood flooring companies in UAE, how to picking wood flooring, what are the essential factors and much more.  

What are the factors in choosing perfect wood flooring?

wood flooring companies in UAE

Room space

Would it be a good idea for you to pick close floorboards or broad ones? Confused between these choices?

You should make a choice based on the room space, because narrow boards will, in general, look more conventional than broader ones, while parquet sheets are preferred for a periodic look they are even a hot pattern for contemporary spaces, as well.

In case you’re thinking about board widths and lengths for a little room, longer and wider ones will make space feel more magnificent because the floor itself will look simpler. For a large room, make use of thin and short strips of bags of wide and longboards.  


Hardwoods, for example, maple, oak, and cherry are among the most durable types, making them perfect for enduring looks in a bustling family unit.

They likewise the more costly wood flooring decisions. On the off chance that you are planning for budget flooring, go for a softer type like pine.

It will in general show scratches all the more rapidly, however, it can be resurfaced and painted often to keep them looking new and high.

Wood flooring finish

Most wood flooring will be available as a factory pre-finished, which implies its shading and shine will be as you saw them at the showroom, and ought to be ensured to stay alike for quite a while.

You can, in any case, purchase unfinished boards for painting, varnishing or oiling yourself at home.  

Painting, generally saved for pine sheets, cheap gives you the opportunity to make a shading plan of your decision; pick a mid-sheen over a sparkle or matt finished ones.

This will blend the correct dimension of durability with an on-pattern look.

Thinking whether Oil or varnish is good for a wooden floor? Both give a good dimension of assurance.

so it’s truly done to looks. Varnish will provide you with a shinier and robust look, while oil will look progressively natural look, yet is highly prone to scratching.

Pick the wood choice

Are you looking for the best wood flooring companies in UAE for your resident or company? Then Engineered wood flooring is a perfect choice.

It’s not just a fantastic creation in the flooring and interior business, but it also helps to be more eco-friendly than solid wood flooring.

Generally, hardwood flooring comes in durable timbers or thick boards. Today, strong hardwood is still broadly accessible, yet numerous organizations likewise offer engineered flooring.

Boards made with a more slender top layer of hardwood clung to different layers intended to keep the floor from moving amid extension and withdrawal cycles.

“All wood moves in three ways: There’s radial, tangential and longitudinal development,” By choosing the engineered flooring built items.

you’re making contradicting powers inside the board to attempt to confine the characteristic development of the wood.

Why should you prefer us to choose the best wood flooring companies in UAE?

wood flooring companies in UAE

Good Profile:

The achievement of our past ventures and testimony is proof of our quality, reliability, and credibility. Every one of our customers values our service.

You can find the most prestigious products and wood flooring companies in UAE in constructionSouq

ISO Certification:

Our wood flooring companies in UAE take the most extreme consideration to give you immaculate wooden flooring service across the country.

We guarantee that the site is visited during the project and -post-establishment. Every one of our products and vendors is ISO Certified which naturally guarantees superior quality in our service.

Best Service:

If you’re one who is profoundly circumspect for the earth.

At that point, we are happy to tell you that we have vendors and wood flooring companies in UAE who can handle all our projects with eco-friendly processes and products.

We use materials just from Forest Stewardship Council, implying that every one of our items and vendors utilizes materials from naturally protected zones.

We believe in sustainable development through our business operations.

Offer Wide choice:

At constructionSouq, you have the opportunity to pick from a various scope of wood flooring companies in UAE.

Be it industrial wood flooring or residential flooring, and we have every possible choice.  Our prepared wood flooring companies are very much equipped to give you an excellent finish to your space.

Listed below are some of the best wood flooring companies in UAE:


wood flooring companies in UAE

NAHAR company is a business leader in wooden flooring since 2002 in Dubai. It provides exclusive wood flooring for the customers.

In Dubai, they are considered to be the premium parquet flooring suppliers.

They have a dealership with manufacturers from the UK, Europe, Japan, and Malaysia to give the best parquet flooring to their customers.

NAHAR has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals of parquet flooring who have the ability to manage both indoor and outdoor parquet requirements.

You will come to know that NAHAR scores high among the top wood flooring companies in UAE when you look for parquet flooring suppliers in Dubai.

The main reason for this is their quality in the work and service they provide.


wood flooring companies in UAE

Highmoon Furniture is one of the wood flooring companies in UAE which has a wide range of parquet flooring collection in Dubai.

Checkerboard outlines and herringbone style are the styles that they are experts.

They have the best and experienced designers who will work with you to customize your floor designs.

Highmoon Furniture offers you several options to choose for your personal space. You can choose your designs that suit your space.

Here they not only supply parquet flooring they even provide you with home and office furniture at an affordable rate.


wood flooring companies in UAE

Berryfloor is one among the reputed wood flooring companies in UAE with an ISO certified for parquet flooring suppliers in Dubai and the UAE.

We make our working area or home to be more appealing with a pleasant floor which leaves a good impression at first sight.

In Dubai, the is also one of the famous and leading parquet flooring suppliers. If you choose Berryfloor for parquet flooring.

Then you have so many options like American Walnut, Jatoba, Noble Oak Manor, Heritage Wenge, Oak Country, Oak Natural, Oak Manoir Savana and Oak Pearl Grey varieties.


Floorworld is one of the biggest wood flooring companies in UAE. They have a special offer in which they provide free samples, and you can touch those tiles and feel it.

They help us by offering several options for designs and wood in parquet flooring.

Are you looking for parquet flooring suppliers for a residential project with a reasonable period of warranty? Then Floorworld offers you with a 10-year residential warranty.

Floorworld provides laminate flooring made with HDF (High-Density Fibre) which has a thickness of 8mm and 12 mm.

Floorworld will also offer you with a variety of finishing options in wooden tiles like semi-gloss, high gloss, handcraft, matt, etc.


wood flooring companies in UAE

Fusion Floors is one of the renowned wood flooring companies in UAE for soft flooring material trading.

They are famous for importing flooring materials from far East of Dubai and countries in Europe.

They believe that they can help in the growing requirement by offering suitable solutions in parquet flooring.

Fusion Floors wooden tiles are extremely good in strength and shock absorbing properties for your floors when compared to parquet flooring suppliers in Dubai.

There are many options of parquet tiles with them which includes White Ahorn, Tamari Wood, Zakynthos Oak, and Alexandrian Oak.


wood flooring companies in UAE

It is generally believed that this wood flooring company in UAE is a holistic interior service provider which was launched in 2006 in Dubai.

They are one for the parquet flooring suppliers in Dubai and also experts in laminate flooring, Harwood flooring, and engineered wood.

They have a wide range of product portfolio.

Once you decide to connect with them, then you are provided with many options, and also they offer the best affordable rates in the market. Just with good customer reviews.

They have created a good reputation as parquet flooring suppliers in Dubai.


Fatin Furnishing is one of the premium wood flooring companies in UAE.

They offer a wide range of services and products like home furnishing, home decor, window furnishings, and custom made furniture.

They are also famous for parquet flooring suppliers in Dubai.

They offer their clients with semi-solid and engineered wood parquet flooring.

In addition to this, they too do wooden flooring services to residency and office spaces and also cater to carpentry.

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