Why Use Construction Souq to get the best steel companies in UAE

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Steel companies in UAE are coming up in a big way with steel being lauded as the next big thing in the construction industry. Using steel comes with many advantages.

Steel companies in UAE capitalize on the aspects that steel is durable, affordable and versatile construction material. These qualities make it stand apart from the rest of the commonly used construction materials.

The fact that steel can also withstand hot and cold temperatures equally well makes it a product of choice for steel companies in UAE.

steel companies in uae

Steel can be used for all kinds of construction projects. Starting from roads, rails, bridges to building modern infrastructures like airports, skyscrapers, and residential complexes, steel has found its nice everywhere.

Most of the steel companies in UAE are accentuating their concrete materials with the usage of steel like steel beams in housing projects.

Even in home architecture is finding the use of steel. Homes these days have tools, bolts, screws and many other small yet important fixtures made of steel.

Steel companies in UAE are also decreasing this carbon footprint by doing in for steel fixtures.

Steel is an environmentally friendly option as it is one of the few metals that is totally recyclable.

Considering all of these factors, steel also comes at a highly affordable cost making it the material of choice for steel companies in UAE.

The below-mentioned segment will give you an idea about how big the steel sector is in the UAE and how operating in this segment is like digging a gold mine for steel companies in UAE.

Overview of the Steel Industry in the UAE:

Steel Companies in UAE

Steel is emerging as a primary construction material in the UAE. Buildings, appliances, tools, and automobile industries are all using steel.

Steel companies in the UAE are leading the economic growth and prosperity of the nation. In the GCC, there is fragmented steel production.

UAE, being the hub of construction is one of the largest consumers of steel in the GCC region.

As per reports, the steel consumption in UAE will grow at a CAGR of 8% from 2016 to 2020.

The World Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai and the FIFA World Cup 2022 are two major events that are driving the sales.

The report titled “UAE Steel Industry Outlook 2020”  outlines the parameters on which the growth is being projected.

The steel companies in the UAE will grow in terms of production, consumptions, imports, and exports.

The fast-growing infrastructure and construction sector will thrive on the ‘steel wave’.

Why Use Construction Souq to get best steel companies in UAE:

steel compaqnies in UAE

Construction Souq is your friend, philosopher, and guide in the process of selecting any supplier or product related to the construction business.

As you will sift through the pages of the online directory, you will see that it will provide you with suppliers of all kinds.

You will find building material suppliers, cement suppliers, flooring material suppliers, plumbing solutions, lighting, tools, paint, decoration and what not!

Finding the right steel companies in the UAE will be very easy with the number of options available in this directory.

Steel companies in UAE vie to get listed on this directory as it encourages only authentic suppliers to be listed.

If you come across a construction company on this directory or a supplier on this directory, be assured of the proof of its existence.

Further, when you undertake a construction project, you do not want to be stuck with multiple suppliers through multiple sources.

You need to go in with a reliable construction material supplier and ensure that he caters to all your needs.

Steel companies in UAE have also become extremely competitive.

If they want a directory to list and promote their services, they need customers to provide good reviews about them.

The entire cycle of recommendations and getting more work depends on the deliverables from the existing work.

This kind of pressure keeps the steel companies in the UAE on their toes to outperform the other.

Always check for recommendations and directories to see the companies listed there.

Thereafter, you can check the website of the company or get in touch with the company directly through the contact information available on the directory.

How to Choose the Right Supplier?

steel compaqnies in UAE

Construction Souq provides you with the names of the best steel companies in UAE.

After you have received your list of potential steel companies in UAE for your project, here is a quick check that you can do to ensure that the company is suitable for your need:

Check for reliability:

Reliability of a company can be checked through the feedback from the customers of their past projects.

If a steel company in UAE has many buildings and projects to its name, chances are that the company is reliable.

Do check in the news and grapevine for any negatives associated with the company.

There are few chances that companies come out all clean but you can weigh your options well if you have all the information.

Check for quality:

Quality of the products being supplied by the steel companies in the UAE is very important.

These products will ultimately carry the weight of your reputation too.

Ask for samples from the companies or ask for a visit to their office/manufacturing facility to understand about the quality aspect.

Check for value for money:

Any company that can guarantee good quality at an affordable cost will be your true value for money option.

Look for companies that are neither too known nor completely novice in their field.

These type of companies will leave you for some scope of negotiation also, although the quality standards should not be compromised at any cost.

Check for service standards:

For steel companies in the UAE, there is no dearth of customers.

Check for their accessibility and service standards so that your projects are not delayed due to the inefficiencies of your suppliers.

Check for Financial Security: 

The financial security of steel companies in the UAE would ensure that they would maintain a steady supply of materials at your site.

Raw materials are the baseline for any construction project and any supplier dealing with financial issues is sure to fall short on deliveries.

Check for the overall approach:

Look for steel companies in UAE that follow a partnership approach and not just a supplier approach.

All of these put together and recommendations on the directory website will enable you to make the right choice for your project.

Advantages of Using Steel in Construction

Steel companies in UAE

Steel companies in UAE are thriving on the many advantages that they can offer by using steel in construction.

The many advantages of using steel in construction are:

It is tensile:

Steel has a high strength to weight ratio. This means that steel carries higher strength per unit mass. Therefore, irrespective of the size of the structure, small and lightweight steel structures are sufficient to provide strength to it.

It is easy to manufacture:

Steel can be produced massively.

Production of steel is an automated process and steel companies in UAE can scale-up or scale-down easily as per the need.

Steel can also be produced in sections and then put together on the shop floor. This is a time-saving process and builds efficiencies into the system.

It is flexible:

Steel is a flexible material. It allows you to mold it to any shape without changing its properties.

Both easy and complicated designs can be created using steel as the building material.

Steel can be made into both sheet and wire form.

If you want beams of roofs, steel can be converted to that as well.

This flexibility allows steel companies in UAE to experiment with various designs and facades involving steel.

It is cheap:

Steel is a cheap product as compared to other materials available in the construction market that match up to the caliber of steel.

You may find other construction materials cheaper but when you weight the advantages of steel as building material to the others, the overall worth and value for money lie in steel structures only.

It is durable:

Steel is one of the most durable metals found amongst us.

A well-built steel structure has a life of about 30 years.

This is a long time for any building. Steel companies in UAE claim that this life span is also relatively renovation free and the building can survive on basic maintenance model.

It is resilient:

Steel does not rot, crack, split or warp. It has immense resilience and thus scores very high on the strength aspect.

Steel of high quality is also blast resistant and finds its use in buildings that are of national security.

There would be specific steel companies in the UAE that would specialize in creating such buildings. Using steel frames in buildings also prevents it from progressive collapsing.

This is an important aspect of preventing a catastrophe of any kind.

It has structural integrity:

Steel is a material that is structurally very strong.

It is non-combustible and durable.

It has homogeneous properties that makes it extremely strong to withstand manmade and natural disasters without damaging the internal parts of the structure.

Wind and Earthquake resistant:

Addition of steel on the construction of structures adds strength and ductility of the structure.

This aspect provides protection from hurricanes and disasters.

These structures feature a consistent load path when carefully designed and if it meets standard quality requirements, then it makes the structures stand sturdy in the wake of earthquakes as well.

It is environment-friendly:

Steel is a metal that can be completely recycled. As more and more steel companies in UAE are moving towards environment-friendly options, steel is becoming the material of choice of leading steel companies in the UAE.  

Disadvantages of Using Steel for Construction

Steel in Construction

We have seen the many advantages that steel provides in the construction industry as building materials. However, there are always two sides to a coin.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using steel for construction purposes:

Prone to Corrosion:

Steel is an alloy of iron. Being this, there is a possibility that steel may corrode after a certain period of time. Steel companies in UAE have found a solution to this problem in the form of anti-corrosives.

However, the coat of this anti-corrosive application has to be done at specific intervals to prevent the corrosion of the metal. Only then will still be able to have a life of around 30 years, if not more.

It is high maintenance:

Anti-corrosion paint has to be reapplied periodically. When you do this, the structure remains protected.

However, the cost of the paint and the labor involved in painting adds to maintenance costs.

If you decide to create a steel infrastructure, then be prepared to take a load of its maintenance costs as well.

It is not fireproof:

In case of fire, steel loses all its properties. Making it fireproof is an added cost and also calls for periodic maintenance.


Using long steel columns can give rise to the problem of buckling.

This does not arise if the beams of columns are small but if they are very long, steel may buckle.

Buckling may cause a breakdown of the entire structure. So, special care has to be taken to keep the steel columns at an optimum length.

It has a high expansion rate:

Steel expands with the rise in temperature.

Steel companies in UAE have to be extremely careful about his aspect and choose their steel well to minimize this problem.


Steel in Construction

With all the focus now on the steel companies in UAE, there are bound to be an infiltration from fake and substandard suppliers.

Safeguard your construction projects from these swindlers who may approach you professionally but have hidden motives.

Going through the companies found in the Construction Souq directory and approaching them for their quotations is the right way to proceed.

Trust the best construction directory always and make the right and informed decision about the steel companies in UAE.


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