Top 12 Best MEP Contracting Companies in Dubai

MEP contracting companies in Dubai take care of the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing aspects of the construction industry. These are important aspects in the construction business as mostly MEP works are a one-time investment.

If all of these three aspects are looked after during the time of construction, the reputation of the builder remains good.

However, once the construction is done and the premises are inhabited, and then a problem in the MEP aspect occurs, then it is detrimental for both the builder and the specific MEP constructing company in Dubai.

mep contracting companies in dubai

Depending on the expertise and the experience of the team available in the company, you can choose one from the list of reliable MEP contracting companies in Dubai.

There will be many contractors that you may come across, but the best ones will be found at Construction Souq.

Here is a list of top 12 MEP contracting companies in Dubai:


This is one of the leading MEP contracting companies in Dubai. It was founded in 2009 and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Over the last many years of its existence, McMaster has worked across projects like residential projects, schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, etc.

They have mastered and managed many interior fit-out projects also. Their expertise lies in the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, firefighting, fire alarm, and low current (ELV) systems.

Having a top-notch team and dedicated professionals, they are one of the most sought after MEP contracting companies in Dubai.

Bin Dasmal Group:

This is a well-known group in the UAE and has a conglomeration of businesses. One of their pertinent businesses is being in the space of MEP constructing companies in Dubai.

Established in 1976, this group has a lot of experience in dealing with the construction industry. They have been offering MEP solutions ever since and their solutions include MEP installation, refurbishment, retrofit, and general maintenance.

Most of the companies who work as MEP contracting companies in Dubai offer installation services. However, there are very few who are in the refurbishment space.

Bin Dasmal is one of those. It only manages and refurbishes your MEP aspect, it also is keenly involved in its general maintenance.


mep contracting companies in dubai

This is a company that operates all across the UAE and provides services as an MEP contracting company in Dubai and other cities.

It was the recipient of the MEP Contractor of the Year award in 2017.

It is a subsidiary of the ALEC group and has a great amount of experience behind it, both in terms of business and manpower experience.

They provide turnkey electromechanical construction services and planning, facilities management, energy optimization, and full maintenance and call-out facilities management.

It has been trusted with renowned names in the construction industry in the past and is one of the leading MEP contracting companies in Dubai.

Multiline Projects:

mep contracting companies in dubai

This is an MEP contracting company in Dubai that is an MEP contracting and Maintenance specialist. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with its base in Dubai.

They are professionals in HVAC, MEP and electromechanical contracting and provide professional project management services also.

They also emphasize on services through energy saving methods and incorporating the latest technology in their services.

Anel Group:

mep contracting companies in dubai

Anel Group is one of the MEP contracting companies in Dubai that specializes in handling large scale projects.

They have proven expertise in Mechanical, Engineering and Plumbing services and understand the value of time when it comes to ensuring these in a construction project.

They have been associated with projects like international airports, tunnels, railways, roads, and ports in the past and have experience in handling projects which go beyond the residential complexes.

Al Futtaim Engineering:

This is a services company that also doubles up as an MEP contracting company in Dubai.

The services that they offer for the construction industry are air conditioning, building products, control, and life safety, elevators and escalators, MEP, scaffolding and access solutions.

They have worked in the MEP segment with the likes of Holiday Inn in Dubai and Abi Dhabi Islamic Bank in Abu Dhabi.

Voltas Limited:

mep contracting companies in dubai

Voltas is a known name when it comes to MEP contracting companies in Dubai.

It is a Tata backed company and therefore the seal of trust and quality associated with it is authentic. As MEP contracting company in Dubai.

they have worked with the names like Emirates Pearl Hotel. Ferrari World Extension and Kempinski Hotel, to name a few.

They have an impressive history of working with the stalwarts and meeting the expectations of the construction clients.

BK Gulf:

mep contracting companies in dubai

As an MEP contracting company in Dubai, BK Gulf has an experience of over a decade working in the Middle East.

The Middle East construction industry has seen an upsurge in the last decade or so. Earlier, the emphasis was only on the creation of tourist and commercial places but now MEP works and management have shifted to residential complexes as well.

Under its belt, BK Gulf group has worked in a lot of sectors like commercial sector, airports, education industry, heritage building, hospitality industry, marine and ports, and residential companies.

Covering all the aspects, this is a company that comes with a lot of experience of handling all kinds of projects.


mep contracting companies in dubai

Emirates Falcon Electromechanical Company or EFECO as it is usually known as one of the MEP contracting companies in Dubai.

EFECO displays its competence in safe working hours and has so far completed 25 safe working hours in the MEP industry.

It has been associated with projects like district cooling plants, maintenance, and overhaul of military facilities and construction of villas in Al Dhahran.

With over a decade of experience in the Middle East, EFECO has big plans for the future.

James L Williams:

mep contracting companies in dubai

As unique as the name of this company is, the MEP contracting services that they offer in Dubai and other cities of UAE are also different and world class.

James L Williams as MEP contracting company in Dubai manages around 7500 employees – both direct and sub-contractors.

Their expertise lies in providing sustainable MEP contracting services in Dubai and has managed many hotels and villas in the past.

Recipient of many accolades and rewards, James L Williams should be your company of choice if looking for highly reliable MEP contracting company in Dubai.

Al Shafar United:

This company has experience of working in the Middle East construction industry since the last 32 years.

They are specialists in providing MEP contracting services in Dubai and other cities and manage HVAC facilities and offer fire protection and fire safety services.

They have many qualified engineers in their company who are MEP experts. Al Shafar United holds the expertise of managing both small scale and large scale projects across all sectors.

There is not a single sector where they have not worked as an MEP contracting company in the last three decades.

AE Arma-Electropanc:

mep contracting companies in dubai

This is one of the new MEP contracting companies in Dubai. They have 9 years of being in this industry and have a multi-national team as well as multi-national presence.

The major projects handled by the team successfully include Marsa Al Seef Phase 4, Bluewaters Wharf Retails, Al Maktoum International Airport, Wasl District and Abu Dhabi Marina District Projects.

With so much of diversity in the company, this is the ideal company for you if you are looking at giving an international edge to your project.

Apart from the companies mentioned above, there are also many more MEP contracting companies in Dubai. The construction industry boom has created a huge wave on which the other allied industries are also riding. Under these circumstances, it is but natural to have many players in the market.

Each geographical location will have its experts while there would be some players who are operating across the UAE.

You can choose from either of the options depending on the requirement of your project and your stakes attached to it.

Since there is stiff competition in this industry and service is the only differentiator.

you can use both of these aspects to negotiate a good rate for the services of MEP contracting companies in Dubai.

The Dubai Expo 2020 will host the world’s largest construction companies in the Middle East.

This will also open up the opportunities for businesses like MEP and other allied industries to showcase their experience and expertise.

The credibility of a good company comes through various means – through their work, reputation, and visibility.

Check MENA backed directory Construction Souq for companies who are listed with them.

If the particular MEP contracting company in Dubai is listed on Construction Souq.

you can be assured of the services and authenticity of the company.

Do not get lured by lower rates in this business. In the case of the service industry, lower rates seem very attractive.

If the services offered are not up to the mark, they also have the capacity to leave a big dent on your business.

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