List top best electromechanical companies in Dubai

In this post, we discuss some of the engineering leaders who are ruling some of the most potent electromechanical companies in Dubai.

Here is the list of top Electromechanical companies in Dubai.

Reliance Electromechanical & Plumbing Contracting (L.L.C) – REMCO

REMCO is one of the best electromechanical companies in Dubai and renowned providers of electromechanical works which was founded in 1990.

They have become this great height for a long way since it’s early days. REMCO has developed into this depth with its highly specialized service team.

They have the staff members who are experts in electrical systems, plumbing, air conditioning, and firefighting works.

This pride has been achieved by helping their clients to reach their electromechanical goals.

REMCO is proud of being a company that delivers excellent service in terms of both finished products and customer relations within our industry.

REMCO’s renowned duct fabrication workshop is implemented with the latest technology and facility which creates several types of AC accessories. Some of them are:

Volume control dampers

Access doors and panels

Air filters and flanges

Non- retain dampers

Corner angles and U-c

Cable tray covers

Round ducting and accessories

Spiral ducting and accessories

ALEMCO(Best Electromechanical companies in Dubai)

ALEMCO is one of the best electro-mechanical companies in Dubai that offer the best Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing service in the UAE.

it’s also a subsidiary of the ALEC Group, a premium engineering, and general contractor.

To meet today’s requirements and fast-growing projects, of course, they need the best skill, specialize, experience and resources.

ALEMCO offers an essential service to clients that include turnkey electro-mechanical construction services and planning.

They also provide some facilities management including contract work, full maintenance, and call-out facilities management services and energy optimization that ultimately helps in reducing operational costs and prolong plant life.

The prolong plant life is maintained through advanced energy-saving methods and a mixture of energy audits.

ALEMCO was found in 2006 and has provided completely engineered electro-mechanical and creating service solutions for construction projects.

It has been dealing with some of the most prestigious developments like hotels, leisure and exhibition spaces, resort spas and retail in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Apart from Electro-Mechanical Construction service they also provide Facilities Management and Energy Optimization Savings service.

Multiline group of companies

electromechanical companies in Dubai

The multiline group of companies is a popular and ISO 9001-2008 certified company, established in Dubai, UAE in 1996.

This company was started in partnership with two professional engineers with a dynamic and robust future.

They aimed at providing the best and unique engineering services in the field of Electrical, Mechanical, plumbing, and firefighting.

At present, Multiline is one of the top-rated and reputed electro-mechanical companies in Dubai.

The company also offers specialized project management services, which is led by a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated engineering professionals.

Multiline started its journey as one company and has developed its group of companies through customer satisfaction and disciplined work culture.

Clients requirements and satisfaction are the foremost importance for the company and completing the work in time, in an economical budget but without compromising in quality.

Multiline Company has created a reputation and has become a top company among the electro-mechanical companies in Dubai with electro-mechanical works that produce a combined design with high standards.

They mainly focused on Electro-mechanical works such as Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC), Heating, Firefighting system installations, Electrical Installations, plumbing works on an EPIC basis (Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning).

Multiline has been offering the best service to the industry for a long time by adapting to the latest technological development and innovation and by providing a healthy work culture.

Some of our Services include:

Plumbing Works

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Fire Fighting System Installation

Electrical Installations

SCAN Electromechanical

electromechanical companies in Dubai

SCAN Electromechanical is also one popular electromechanical company in Dubai.

They offer a complete EPC solution in the power and energy sector for the Government & Commercial sector.

It also gives the world’s excellent services in High Voltage Electrical Transmission Systems. They are specialists and highly skilled in LV, MV & HV Overhead along with underground cabling.

SCAN Electromechanical is one of the market’s top companies for the GCC region in Mega Substation Installation.

An expertise group of the team is working in Telecommunication Infrastructure Installation. They have only one sector in the Photovoltaic PV solar panel solution for the region.

All the installation projects like optic fiber are to managed in a systematic manner.

It provide an exclusive services on an affordable prices.

SCAN have highly experienced and fully dedicated team.

It has fully synchronized with the trendy technology to offer you the best regulatory services of electrical installations with SCADA operation systems.

As a highly qualified electro-mechanical company in Dubai and EPCC contracting company in the UAE.

Their services include design, planning,  engineering, equipment supply and customization, procurement and delivery, installation of spares, testing the commissioning of power transmission and distribution network.

We have sophisticated electrical testing equipment and crew of expert technicians to carry out testing of following types of equipment:

Main & backup protective relays for switch gear, transformers, cables, etc.

Power & Distribution Transformer up to 400kV.

Control and protection panels of all voltage levels.

Motor, Capacitor Bank, Generator, NER.

Protection study & relay setting co-ordination.

Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis.

Battery Chargers, AC/ DC UPS systems, and Industrial Batteries

Power Cables up to 33KV including VLF Testing

Fiber optical cables & associated network jobs.

Switch gear (conventional and GIS type up to 220kV).


electromechanical companies in Dubai

In Abu Dhabi, Gulf Industrial Services CO. LLC is a top-rated mechanical company.  

They have various industry sectors like they have industries in multiple sectors like Panerai replica watches petrochemicals, Oil and gas, defense organization, and many other sectors.

GISCO has become one of the best companies because of the excellent quality of their product and also because of customer satisfaction.

Gulf Industrial Services Company is a reputed name in the field of industrial and mechanical engineering and also a popular facilitator of commercial and industrial developments.

The company was recognized in 1979.GISCO is a multidisciplinary electro-mechanical contracting COMPANY.

It has successfully finished many projects that come under various sectors such as waterworks, sewage treatment plant, infrastructural projects, firefighting, and security system.

GISCO offers a wide range of services such as:

Mechanical and Process

Fire protection and security

Oilfield supplies and services

Electrical, instrumentation and control

Water and wastewater treatment

Landscaping and irrigation


electromechanical companies in Dubai

Genfocus is one of the popular electromechanical companies in Dubai which involves contracting, electrical, maintenance, construction, and engineering jobs.

They believe that maintaining the integrity among the employees and providing a comfortable environment to work will bring in a great result.

Some of the renowned services offered by the company are:

Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Substation

Genfocus provide the best premium quality service for electrical testing and commissioning.

All the services are provided by Skilled Engineers. The skilled engineers is by local authorities.

Electrical Testing Equipment

Genfocus have a wide range of specialized and branded high-quality electrical testing equipment to satisfy their customer’s requirements.

They maintain an up to date calibration of this equipment. They also repair or maintenance as and when required to make sure if it’s working with high consistency and accuracy.

Apart from the above mentioned they also offer:

  • Testing and commissioning
  • Substation Installation works
  • Transformer Oil filtration
  • HV and LV Cable Laying
  • Cable Fault Identification
  • Building Services and Industrial Works
  • D.C and A.C UPS System and Batteries


Euro Mechanical is also one of the best and top-rated electromechanical companies in Dubai which was founded by late Mr. John Manna. It is a highly reputed and professional organization.

This company has a wide range of industries under control varies from Gas to Power generation and best automation solutions to Oil.

Euro Mechanical has been a renowned company for several decades and effectively supporting the development of the country’s energy sector for more than 40 years.

They offer more perfect and proficient solutions for all requirements and specialize in all the sectors.

Euro Mechanical is proud to be a top company with world-class exclusive services, combination, responsiveness, and client assistance.

Euro Mechanical (Best Electromechanical companies in Dubai) provided services like:

Advanced Technologies and Solutions


Construction and Maintenance Services

NDT and Testing Machines

Bolting and Machining Solutions

Manpower Services

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