List Of Best Interior Design Companies in Dubai

Interior designing as a field is coming up in a big way especially in areas where construction is intensive. Under such circumstances, allied industries like the construction of building material and equipment suppliers and interior design companies in Dubai are also thriving.

One such city is Dubai. UAE is focusing a lot on building infrastructure and construction work is going on full swing.

There are many companies in the business, so how do you choose the best interior design company for your project.

Here are a few points that will help you make the right decision to choose the best interior

Interior design companies in dubai


They should have a wide variety of services that they provide. Under the services also, the designs should not look all the same and there should be variation and variety in designs and decor.


Experience is important when it comes to interior decoration as sometimes certain fixtures may look very good on paper or on the 3D model but do not stand the test of functionality. It is the only experience that will be able to prevent such mistakes.

Check for experienced team members handling the projects even if there are newbies in the team. If the work is done by new members under the supervision of the experienced member, you have a good proposition at hand.


There are many interior design companies that will have expertise in a specific field. Some may be luxury specialists while some may be modern technology specialists. Check for the expertise and match it with your requirements.

Value for money:

Any company that is in the service industry must be evaluated for the value for money they offer. Interior design companies in Dubai are plenty and most of them will have varied rates. Check for this aspect before finalizing one.

Service Standards and Reputation:

Look for the projects managed by the company in the past. Check the testimonials and reviews from the past clients so that you do not end up with a company with a bad reputation.

Considering all the above parameters, there will still be a chance that the interior design company looks interesting but actually does not meet your standard requirements.

Here is a list of best interior design companies in Dubai:

Ions Design:

This is an interior design company located in Dubai. the company specializes in providing solutions for luxury designs across Dubai. Dubai is known for its luxury standards.

There are a lot of people who travel to Dubai just to enjoy the luxury and the class it offers.

If this is the objective, then you have to choose a specialist interior design company in Dubai. Ions Design provides full architectural solutions, space planning layouts in 3D designs, complete architectural drawings of your desired place.

It has many options for selection and sourcing of both decoration and furniture items and handles the entire gamut of project management for you.

S3t Koncepts:

As unique as its name, this interior design company is unique in the services it offers too. When you seek this company out of the interior design companies in Dubai.

you get the best people for door manufacturing, pergola products, and villa interior designs.

Under interior design solutions, they offer solutions for home, hotel, office, retail and exhibition design solutions.

All of their designing is high class and they also do gypsum works and joinery design solutions if required by you.

Truly unique in its proposition, it is one of the upcoming interior design companies in Dubai.

The name of the company signifies a lot of what the company believes in. is one of the leading interior design companies in Dubai.

It provides fresh and re-decoration solutions for your house.

The design components at this company include bathroom design, bedroom designing, closet designing, kitchen designing, playroom designing and what not.

They also specialize in downsizing and decluttering needs of your house. When you work with them for redecorating your house.

They will come up with a lot of suggestions as to how to use the space efficiently. Space planning, project management and creating sustainable designs is the forte of

EM Interiors:

 interior design companies in dubai

These are online service providers. They operate on a different set up than the conventional interior design companies in Dubai.

When you get in touch with EM interiors, you need to go through the interface of their website that will guide you at each step for creation or remodeling of your room.

As you enter in your details, a one time fee is charged for the services. After this, they will provide you with multiple options for you to choose from.

Once you decide the style and the budget, the services will be rendered to you.

Easy and quick, this company caters to the need of people who are always busy and may not have the time to extensively work with interior decorators.

Innerspace ME:

 interior design companies in dubai

This is a company that focuses on providing German made solutions for your interior design needs.

If you observe that most of the interior design companies in Dubai offer you similar solutions, then you need to go to Innerspace ME and approach them.

They will do the entire interior decoration for you using the latest modular and German design solutions for all your rooms.

This technologically superior interior will surely stand out among all the other houses that you may have seen till now.

The lighting is a main focal area and use of different types of lights will add the essence to your spaces.

Etcetra Living LLC:

 interior design companies in dubai

Etcetera Living LLS is the interior design company In Dubai for you if you are looking at a blend of simplicity and luxurious interiors.

Been in existence since 2003, Etcetra Living LLC has successfully created many homes with warmth.

They have now forayed into commercial and office landscapes of creating spaces which provide the blend of aesthetics and functionality at a reasonable cost.

Their popularity speaks for themselves as they have helped many successful projects in the past.

Creama Interiors:

The emphasis of this company is on health as compared to all other interior design companies in Dubai.

Creama Interiors focuses on creating healthy homes and considering all the essential requirements to balance all the natural elements in your home.

Unique in its proposition, Creama Interiors is on a social mission to not let the health aspect get ignored while talking about homes.

More often than not, in the pursuit of getting the latest gadgets installed in our homes.

we forget the environment and the nature aspect that also needs to be created.

Creama Interiors create homes that appeal to your soul, mind, health, and behavior.

Homes are not spaces that are just created for the sake of shelter.

Homes are places where you live and experience. Therefore, it should provide the environment for that.

Premier Art Decor Works:

 interior design companies in dubai

If you are looking at a versatile interior design company in Dubai, then Premier Art Decor Works is the company for you.

In their repertoire, they have projects of residential villas, commercial buildings mosques, Islamic centers and many luxury edifices which exuberate luxury.

Being a big brand in the interior designing industry, they offer solutions for landscaping, exterior, and interior decoration.

They have a backing of a vast experience behind them. Competitively priced and offering multiple solutions, they are the company of choice for big projects.

DZ Design FZLLC:

 interior design companies in dubai

These are design specialists in the home, hospitality, offices, and restaurants. Many interior design companies in Dubai focus on large spaces.

However, this company is the specialist in turning around small spaces to leave a big impact.

All of their projects have a 3D rendering aspect to it.

It means that you can see a virtual image of what you will get at the end of the project.

They undertake projects of an attic conversion, basement designs, closet designs, bicycle storage designs, laundry room design, wine cellar design.

In addition to this, they also provide regular interior design solutions of the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Power Solutions Studio:

This is one of the interior design companies in Dubai that works both in private and public spaces. They do design for houses, apartments, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls and also for sports facilities.

From design to furniture, they partake the entire journey of interior designing and believe in working closely with the client at all times.

Their dedicates team member will always be available to check and respond for queries. This cohesiveness in working brings about early closure of projects and satisfied customers.

Apart from the above-mentioned interior design companies in Dubai, there are many more. It is a highly competitive field out there with all companies vying for good projects.

However, it is best to start with small projects to check the readiness and service standards of the interior design companies in Dubai.

If your requirements are met, you can be assured that you have chosen the right partner.

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