List of Top Dubai Architecture Firms

dubai Architecture firm list

Architecture firms are important for any country that is on the road to development. The UAE is one such country. When you search for architecture firms in the UAE, there is a Dubai architecture firms list that comes up.

This Dubai architecture firms list is exhaustive and covers all the areas of architecture that you are looking for.

The selection of the architectural firm is a tedious job. When you do look for Dubai architecture firms list.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get to the best firm for your job:

Goal Building and Objective Setting: 

This is an internal process. You need to have a clear idea about the kind of structure you are looking at. Dubai architecture firms list will provide you with the names and details of the top companies.

All you need to do is quick research by checking their websites. Mostly, websites contain all the information about the projects handled by the architecture firms and their success stories

 Look for the company that has expertise in the kind of structure that you are looking at.

Reach out to the architects:

dubai Architecture firm list

The Dubai architecture firms list will provide you with the names of the companies but not of the architects who are working for that particular firm.

If you have a specific name in mind (based on your research), ask for the same. If not, then set up a meeting with the person that the architectural firm provides.

Most of the companies that will appear in the Dubai architecture firms list will have renowned architects in their team. During this time, make your expectations clear in terms of budget and timelines and have a discussion around it. Focus on these rather than the cost in the first place.

Visit the sites:

Any good firm that is a part of the Dubai architecture firms list will have some good sites boast about. It is better to go to a site that is under construction as well as check sites that are already done.

Also, ask for their experience in terms of years so that you are able to gauge their expertise in providing sturdy construction well.

A new company will have much to talk about but less to exhibit. This does not mean that there is no credibility of the company, but by talking to their architects and by understanding their knowledge about the work, you will get an idea about their capabilities.

Keeping the above considerations in mind, you can go through this Dubai architecture firms list and weigh each of the companies mentioned herein these parameters to make an informed decision


This company will appear right at the top of the Dubai architecture firms list because of the many accolades that this architecture firm has received. It is a multinational company with spread three branches.

The work ethics and the culture of the company not only makes it a wonderful place to work in but also lends credibility to the promise of quality that they offer to their clients.

Some of the notable works undertaken by HOK-Dubai are the Emirates Green Council Building, ULI Middle East and SMART ME building.

Most of the high profile projects are managed by the HOK. If you are looking for a construction that is large scale and need to add some style and glamour to your building, then HOK is the right choice for you.

With such a legacy or architectural wonders, you can be assured of the quality that they offer.

It obviously comes at a good price too. Connect with the Dubai office of HOK to know more about the same.

EDGE architects:

EDGE architects are a leading name in the Dubai architecture firms list. They have many successful projects to their credit.

They have a progressive approach towards all their projects with a lead consultant at the helm of the affairs.

With expertise in handling complex teams, EDGE architects will provide you with the entire range of architectural services.

It includes site analysis, pre-concept design discussion, design meetings (schematic level, detailed level, tender level) and construction supervision.

Project manager manages your whole project. With such professionalism, you can only get the best of you choose this company from the Dubai architecture firms list.

Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants (ARACO):

From the Dubai architecture firms list, this company would be one of the few that has over thirty years of experience in the Dubai landscape.

Their repertoire includes the architecture of residential buildings, villas, commercial buildings, hospitals, and industrial projects. Along with architectural services.

It offers engineering service also like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and structural engineering.

Interior designing, urban landscaping and project management pretty much makes them a strong contender among the Dubai architecture firms list.

Benoy Architects:

Dubai is a part of a multinational company. As a group, Benoy calls itself a global family of design specialists.

They have many world-class buildings to their credit with some of the eminent ones being Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, The Beach.

Across the world, they have many great structures to their name in countries like China, India, and Singapore. When you choose Benoy architects from the Dubai architecture firms list, you get not just quality but also a design that will be completely unique.

They also focus on creating green and sustainable buildings which are actually the future of architectural companies.

The cultural diversity available with this firm cannot be matched by any other local company in the Dubai architecture firms list.


RMJM has been around for sixty years into the business of architectural designing. As a multinational company, it has built many structures around the world.

The prominent one in Dubai is the W Hotel which has a completely unique architectural style and design. Adept at handling large scale architectural projects, RMJM has an impressive portfolio of services.

These include simple architectural designing, development management, interior designing, engineering, landscape designing, product designing, special advisory services and much more.

They are present in every type of sector and a reputed name in the Dubai architecture firms list.


This is a unique state-of-the-art architecture firm that follows a post-modernist approach in its constructions.

Their expertise lies in building modern and contemporary residential houses and apartments. Hotels and commercial complexes built by Archidentity have also stood out from the rest.

As pure architects, their focus remains on getting the architectural complexities right in a building.

They work in collaboration with engineers on the functional aspect as well as they believe that it is vital to have functional buildings that are aesthetically superior.

If you are looking for an archaeological difference in your building, then choose this from the Dubai architecture firms list.

Wanders Wagner Architects:

This is a company that is based out of Dubai and came into being in 2013. They offer sustainable and holistic concepts for residential and commercial projects in and around Dubai.

Founded by two German architects, this company merges the architecture of the West with the architecture of the East, thus creating each building a masterpiece in itself.

FACE Architecture:

This company was founded in 2009. Being just a decade old, it still finds a feature in the top Dubai architecture firms list owing to the credibility that it has built for itself.

They specialize in creating innovative, environmentally friendly and efficient buildings in residential, commercial, mixed-use, hospitality, retail, automotive and industrial sectors.

This studio is known for its ingenuity in designs and is one of the upcoming architectural firms across UAE and Oman industries.

HAO Architects: 

HAO Architects is a design studio based out of Dubai. The company is guided by the principles of ‘innovation’ and ‘simplicity’.

Most of the companies in the Dubai architecture firms list follow sustainable and energy efficient practices. HAO Architects is no different in this regard.

However, they believe in merging ‘beauty’ with ‘utility’.

This aspect is seen in the projects that they have handled namely The Fields (Casa, Jade, Viridian), Laya Residences, Burj Pacific Business Bay and Pacific Village, Dubailand, to name a few.

Serendipity by Design:

Serendipity by Design is a design consultancy run by Rebecca Gernon. Their services include both design and consulting for large architectural projects.

They offer full scape services for master planning, architecture, landscape designing, and interior designing.

They have many projects to their credit some of which include Pearl Residence, The Jewel, Dubailand, Jeddah resort, Business Bay Gate, Millennium Hotels (Baha and Tabuk) and many more.

The USP of this firm across Dubai architecture firms list is that it is owner run and therefore the accountabilities rest with a single person.

Design & Architecture Bureau:

Design and Architecture Bureau or DAR are consulting architects and engineers. They provide both these services to their clients. It was established in the year 1985 and has grown from strength to strength ever since.

They have a proven track record of achievements. The website offers all the details about the new projects and the ones that have been recently updated.

They have many award-winning designs to their credit.

Some of their works include Creek Rise Towers, Dubai Creek Harbour, and Safa Building, to name a few.

Shape Architecture Practice & Research:

This is a UAE based architectural firm founded in the year 2006. Founded by Abdulla, this company has got many architectural projects under its name.

Some of the noteworthy from these are the Reward Business Incubator, Mosque on Water, Al Sowwah Island Bridge 1 & 2 and many others.

Growing rapidly, each of the creations of this company is an architectural wonder in itself.

The way it is performing, this company may soon prove to be stiff competition to the big companies in the Dubai architecture firms list.

Amitis Design Architecture:

This is a thoroughly professional company providing interior architecture and design services.

Unique in its field, the interior architecture services include custom furniture, light fixture, textile and carpet design and selection, art and artifacts design, selection and procurement, site supervision and project management services.

Out of all the exterior architects included so far in the Dubai architecture firms list, this one stands out for its uniqueness.

Loci Architecture:

This is a culturally driven studio that celebrates the rich culture of a place or a society through their architectural creations.

It has many residential and industrial complexes to its credit where culture meeds modernity. This mix makes the creations unique.

They blend the best of both worlds and creates an atmosphere that is different than what any regular construction can provide.

If you are looking for a company that can offer you this blend, then out of all Dubai architecture firms list, Loci Architecture is the best for you.

Callison RTKL – UK Ltd:

Callison RTKL is a multinational company with its country of origin being the UK. It began its journey in the Middle East with the first office in Dubai.

The entire work is coordinated through this office. They have many big projects to their credit across the world and in the UAE.

They have entered the architectural market offering the same finesse and class that their constructed buildings exuberant around the world.

Their team of dedicated experts will know exactly how your requirements can be best fulfilled.

Callison RKTL – UK Ltd have years of experience.

Callison RTKL is a force to reckon with in the construction sector.

The above mentioned Dubai architecture firms list is authentic as these companies exist in the market.

However, you will have to use your own discretion to check their business ethics while choosing to partner with them. Be wise and be safe!

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