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cement suppliers in dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular cities of the UAE. It is the capital city of UAE and is popular around the world. Dubai is the financial hub of UAE and its economy primarily relies on international trade, tourism and real estate. If we talk about the real estate sector in Dubai, it is on an upswing.  

There are a couple of factors for this growth. Firstly, Dubai is a tourist destination and therefore the real estate rates in the city are high. Secondly, the construction of new buildings to accommodate the population and to attract foreign investment is being carried out at a fast pace. You will find many building materials and cement suppliers in Dubai.

Talking about the cement suppliers in Dubai, you will see both multinational and local names populating the list. The cement industry as a whole is thriving in UAE. At an overall level, UAE consists of 12 integrated cement plants, 8 cement grinding plants and 17 cement producing companies.

These were the figures reported by the Global Cement Directory in 2015. Cement suppliers in Dubai find the perfect climate and technology to carry out the production process. The dry climate of Dubai is a boon for cement suppliers in Dubai as there is less wastage of the product. This holds true for both manufacturing and transporting processes.

Overview of the Cement Industry

A survey carried out by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) revealed that cement producing in Dubai reached 8Mt between 2000-2005. Since 200, there has been a rapid growth in cement production owing to the construction boom in UAE. The production reached 21.8 Mt in 2008.

After this, it fell down to 18.9 Mt in 2009 owing to the global recession. The latest available data of 2012 records cement production at 17Mt. It is, however, safe to assume that it would have grown upwards from this point albeit steadily. Currently, the cement industry in the UAE exports to other countries as well as looks after its own cement needs.

If you are looking for top cement suppliers in Dubai.

Here is an List of some of the large cement suppliers in Dubai:

Arkan Building Material Company

Background: Arkan Building Material Company is a public joint stock company. Here, 51% of the ownership is with SENAAT (a Government-owned entity) and the 49% of the stocks are publicly held and traded. This company is based out of Abu Dhabi. The contracting services are available in Dubai also as building material and cement suppliers in Dubai.


Arkan Building Materials Company has two cement factories in respectively. As cement suppliers in Dubai, they offer various types of cement like Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), High Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC), Moderate Sulphate Resistant Cement, Portland Limestone Cement (PLC), clinker and slag. They also produce other concrete products, Anabeeb pipes, and bags.

Union Cement Company

union cement Company

Background: Union Cement Company was established in 1972 and this was the first cement producer of the UAE. The factory was established in Khor Khwair industrial area. The Head Office of this company is located in Dubai. Owing to the quality of cement, they have become one of the best cement suppliers in Dubai.


Under the category of cement suppliers in Dubai, Union Cement Company has an array of products. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Oil Well Cement, High Sulphate Resistant Cement, Moderate Sulphate Resistant Cement and GGBFS are a part of their repertoire.

Lafarge Emirates Cement

Background: Lafarge companies came into existence in the year 1976. They are the leading concrete, gypsum and cement suppliers in Dubai and in the rest of the UAE. Its subsidiary that is located in Dubai is LafargeHolcim Readymix Gulf Co. This is primarily a ready-mix concrete supplier in Dubai.  


There are one integrated cement plant and four ready-mix plants that churn out a variety of products. As cement suppliers in Dubai, they offer Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag (GGBS/SLAG), Portland Cement (Classic) and Sulfate Resistance Portland Cement (Shield).

Fujairah Cement Industries

Background: Fujairah Cement Industries is a public joint stock company established in the year 1979. It is the most modern plant in the UAE. It is also the largest plant of the UAE. The location of the plant is Dibba town in Fujairah and is a cement supplier in Dubai as well.  


Fujairah Cement Industries has a strong foothold in the export market. Their products include Ordinary Portland Cement, Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement, Moderate Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement, clinker suitable to produce ordinary Portland Cement and clinker suitable to produce sulfate resistant Portland cement.

Gulf Cement Company

Background: Gulf Cement Company was established in the year 1977 in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. This company claims to be the leading cement producers in the UAE. A highly professional company, it is ISO 9001 certified. It also has API certificate for the production of petroleum and well cement and ISO 14001 environmental quality certificate. It is an environmentally conscious cement supplier in Dubai and carries a carbon footprint certificate for its cement products.


This company produces high-quality cement. Among the products that they offer are salt resistant cement, ordinary Portland cement, Medium cement resistant to salts, clinker types and high cement resistant salt. They believe in innovation through up-gradation of technologies and cost-effective environment-friendly solutions.

Star Cement

Background: Star Cement began its operations in the year 2001 in the UAE. In 2010, it became a part of Ultratech Cement, a multinational cement company which is a part of the Aditya Birla Group. After the acquisition of the brand also, the name Star Cement was retained owing to its customer base and reputation. It is currently a major cement manufacturer in the Persian Gulf and also cement supplier in Dubai and other cities of the UAE.


As cement suppliers in Dubai, Star Cement offers high quality cement variants. The portfolio consists of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), Portland Limestone Cement (PLC), Sulphate Resistant Portland Cement (SRC) and Oil Well Cement (OWC).

  • National Cement Co.

Background: National Cement Co. came into being in the year 1968. Visioned by late ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Rashid, National Cement Company had humble beginnings. Its primary aim was to utilise the local resources of the area and provide employment to the people. At that time, there was an anticipation of the construction boom in Dubai. Sure enough, it happened and is still going strong. National Cement Company serves as cement supplier in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. It has a capacity of producing 1.5 million tonnes of cement. Hence, it claims to be one of the largest cement manufacturers in the UAE.


All the products conform to the standard norms of production. This is mostly true for all cement suppliers in Dubai. The products manufactured by National Cement Company are Ordinary Portland Cement, High Sulphate Resistant Portland Cement, Medium Sulphate Resistant Portland Cement, Portland Blast Furnace Cement, High slag Portland Blast Cement and White Aggregates.

Desert & Sea Horizon Trading Company

Background: Desert and Sea Horizon trading company is a trader and exporter, importer of cement. While they are cement suppliers in Dubai, they do not have their own manufacturing unit or factory in the UAE. They rely on the import and export of cement only and is essentially a trading company.The cement in imported for countries like Pakistan. After that, they serve as cement suppliers in Dubai. The exports are done in Iraq, Iran and India. Products: They deal in Ordinary Portland Cement, Sulphate Resistant Cement, White Cement, clinker, GGBFS and oil well cement.

Binani Cement Factory LLC

Background: Binani Group of Industries is an India-based multinational with its operations spread across Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America. They have a cement manufacturing plant in  Dubai which was one of its first steps towards globalization. This plant was acquired by Binani Industries (India) Ltd. This plant also stands on the principles of the parent group that are – Quality, Strength, Reliability, Performance and Consistency.


Binani Cement is one of the reliable cement suppliers in Dubai. The products that they offer this category are Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC), and Ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS).

All of the above names of cement suppliers in Dubai are not placed in order of their ranking. This is an independent study for the sake of providing information to the readers. We are not associated with any of these companies and therefore do not recommend any of these. The reader may use his discretion to choose the cement supplier in Dubai as per his needs and alignments with the product providers.

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