10 Reasons you should use Sustainable Building Materials

building materials in dubai

Building materials in Dubai are becoming sustainable. Dubai has made it for all new buildings to follow “Green Building Specifications”. This started in the year 2014 and has really made a difference in the ecosystem of Dubai.

UAE has taken the agenda of environmental sustainability very intensely. Dubai has taken it as one of its objectives to be the most sustainable cities in the world.

Sustainability means that we live within the means of our environment. We do not spoil the environment in our human pursuits. This primarily includes our construction practices.

Some of the enforcement under this was the usage of sustainable building material, planting of indigenous plants, use of solar reflective materials, etc. Building materials in Dubai now primarily consist of sustainable solutions.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Use Sustainable Building Materials in Dubai 

Building materials in dubai

1) Built to last:

Ever since building material in Dubai became sustainable, the life of the building increased too. When you use sustainable building materials in Dubai, it means that there will be fewer repair costs over a period of time.

Sustainable building material in Dubai has less maintenance and lower upkeep. Examples of sustainable building material in Dubai include durable bamboo and cork flooring, natural fiber wool carpeting, solar panels, green roofs, and metal-based materials.

2) Energy Conservation:

Deriving energy from sustainable sources is a big thing. If we do not harm the environment in our energy pursuits, we can consider this as a success. By using sustainable building material in Dubai, you conserve energy in two ways. Firstly, there is less manufacturing waste.

The landfill does not get burdened. Secondly, you devise energy efficient methods. Building material in Dubai includes green insulated tiles that increase insulation in your home. Programmable thermostats and low-flow toilets are also examples of progressive building material in Dubai.

3) Healthy Option:

Using green building materials in Dubai is a healthy option. There is a lot of vehicular waste polluting the air. Dubai also registers very high temperatures.

A combination of heat and usage of non-sustainable building materials in Dubai can lead to toxic air inside your house. By using green building materials in Dubai like a natural wool fiber carpet, you can reduce the chances of these toxins.

The inclusion of plants in the living space also gives better quality air inside your home.

4) Generates less waste:

Usage of any building material in Dubai causes some amount of waste. However, the waste generated from sustainable building materials in Dubai goes back to the environment without harming it.

The sustainable building materials Dubai can be recycled and used for other purposes. This lessons the carbon footprint on the environment.

5) Conserves water:

The manufacturing processes involved in making sustainable building materials consume less water. The house constructed through sustainable building materials in Dubai is also energy efficient. Cleaning and maintenance of these involve less water.

6) Supports local business:

Many of the sustainable building materials in Dubai are locally purchased. When you go for sustainability, you check the materials that your own environment can provide you. If these materials can naturally exist in the environment around you, be assured that the construction from these materials would be sturdy.

Using sustainable building materials in Dubai for big projects means that the economy of your country gets impacted positively. This growth to local business is a big advantage of using sustainable building material Dubai.

7) Good for the environment:

The environment benefits from sustainable building materials in many ways. There is less wastage in the environment and by-products associated with the manufacturing process of these materials are eco-friendly.

Manufacturing cost is also less. It also leads to energy conservation during manufacturing and transportation costs are reduced. In all ways, it is a win-win for the builder and the environment.

8) Improves resale value:

As people are moving towards conscientious and healthy living, they are opting for homes built by sustainable building material Dubai. Dubai is a highly commercial city.

It is a tourist hub and the economy is on an upswing. Under these circumstances, everyone will opt for a green home, built with sustainable building materials in Dubai. Resale value of these homes will be higher than those built with conventional building material Dubai.

9) Offers many styles:

When we think of eco-friendly building material in Dubai, we only think of wood. This is not the case. There are many options and styles available in sustainable building materials also. Bamboo, cork and wool fiber are other options that can add to the aesthetic beauty of your home. Interior designers in Dubai also offer many styles to beautify your house and give it the perfect look. This innovative ‘green’ interior designing is an option that has come into being due to sustainable homes.

10) Budget-Friendly Option:

If you go in for imported building materials in Dubai, they would be extremely expensive. Going local to purchase building materials in Dubai becomes cost-effective.

Apart from this, the construction of the homes also does not involve as much cost as a brick and mortar house. Using sustainable building materials in Dubai can save you money and still provide you with exemplary durability.

The world is going green. Dubai is one amongst the many cities that have opted for eco-friendly green homes. There are a certain class and chutzpah associated with a city like Dubai.

If such cities take steps towards an eco-friendly solution for their construction, others are sure to take notice.

Not just this, there is a rising concern about the destruction of the environment. There are a number of reasons for this like emissions of gases from manufacturing units and vehicles. In the pursuit of comfortable living, man is depleting the environment and its natural resources.

Taking from the environment and giving back to it is the only way to sustain now. Using sustainable building materials is a small step that can leave a large impact.

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