Basics of building materials – Tiles

No other building material is as exotically assorted as tiles. Some of them are a gift from nature. Some are created by us.

Now, what is a tile?
A tile is a piece of material used to cover and beautify floors, walls, and roofs.

Types of tiles – Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles, mosaic tiles, quarry tiles, slate tiles and travertine tiles.

Ceramic tiles – Ceramic is a non-metallic solid material made of clay, earthen elements, and water. It can be shaped into desired forms.

• Easy to install, maintain and repair
• Suitable for all places from dining rooms to kitchens to entrances. For both indoors and outdoors.
• Cost effective.
• Available in a range of sizes.

Porcelain tiles – Porcelain belongs to the ceramic family. It’s a ceramic material. Porcelain tiles are manufactured using white clay.

• Harder and denser.
• Durable.
• Suitable for heavy usage.
• Impervious to water and moisture.
• Available in a variety of colors and designs.

Marble tiles – A metamorphic rock with rich veining, marble adds elegance to flooring.

• Elegant look.
• Available in a variety of colors.

Granite tiles – Granite is an igneous rock.
What is inside granite?
Granite contains feldspar, quartz, mica and amphibole minerals.
Do you know that Aberdeen in Scotland is called Granite City?
Granite has been used for construction since ancient times.
Menkaure’s Pyramid was built of limestone and granite blocks.

• Strong and durable
• Placing hot vessels or using knives on the granite will never damage the surface
• Contains various minerals and so each and every piece looks differently
• Bacteria resistance
• Resistant to water and moisture
• Easy to clean and maintain

Mosaic tiles – Mosaics are made of pieces of stone or glass of different colors known as tessera.

One of the most decorative flooring solutions
Easy to clean
Low installation cost

Quarry tiles – Quarry tiles are made of ground minerals. Available not only in red but also in grey, brown and tan in a range of sizes. Suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and walkways.

• Water resistance
• Durable
• Hides stains
• Unique look
• Good quarry tiles don’t require sealing

Slate tiles – Slate is a fine-grained foliated homogenous rock.
Suitable for flooring (interior and exterior), stairs, walkways, and wall cladding. The best option for roofing.

• Durable
• Crack resistance and heat resistance
• Stylish, customizable and cost-effective
• Non-slippery and easy to wash
• Aesthetic look
• A wide range of shades and colors

Travertine Tiles
Travertine is a type of limestone with fibrous appearance.
Available in white, tan and cream-colored. A favorite of modern architects. Apt for paving patios and garden paths. Used in bathroom showers and kitchen countertops.

• Durable
• Stylish look
• Recyclable

Tiles are available in a variety of colors and shades and it’s a golden opportunity for you to explore your creativity and aesthetic sense in the process of construction. Tiles play a vital role in the ambiance and mood of a house. Choose the best and make every block of your house exudes an aura of bliss and positivity.

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