List of Block Factory In Dubai

block factory in dubai

Block factory is a place where concrete blocks for construction are manufactured & principal to be kept in mind when you look out for a block factory in Dubai.

As simple as it may sound, block factories hold an essential place in the construction industry.

This is the principal to be kept in mind when you look out for a block factory in Dubai.

Any reputed and big builder is only as good as the quality of the building materials that he uses.

The basic part is to check the infrastructure of the block factory in Dubai and to understand if their capacities are suitable for your needs.

Sometimes, you may want to finish the project quickly as you have extreme deadlines. Under these circumstances.

If the supplier is not able to supply you the blocks periodically, your project may get delayed.

Check for the reputation of a hotel block factory in Dubai and also the kind of projects that they have handled in the past.

A block factory in Dubai should have the expertise of manufacturing all kinds of blocks needed for your construction.

Some of the kinds of blocks that are commonly used for construction purposes are hollow blocks, solid blocks, paving blocks and building blocks. Each one serves a specific purpose.

Block factory in dubai

The block factory in Dubai from where you source these blocks should be able to define the use of each of these and the differentiated purposes that each of them serves.

In doing this, you can gauge the competence of the block factory. The people involved in this business should also be knowledgeable.

You should check with them on the latest trends in business. Sometimes, there is a trend that becomes a rage in the construction business and both manufacturers and builders have to quickly adapt to this trend.

When you look out for a block factory in Dubai, check the adaptability aspect of the particular company as well.

Here is a list of some of the reliable block factory in Dubai:

Hard Block Factory:

It is a subsidiary of the ASGC Construction Group and has become a leading block factory in Dubai in the number of years of its existence. It is a manufacturer of all kinds of blocks.

It is a subsidiary of the ASGC Construction Group and has become a leading block factory in Dubai in the number of years of its existence. It is a manufacturer of all kinds of blocks.

The blocks that it specialises in are Masonry and Hourdi blocks, paving blocks and Sholin blocks.

They have a fully computerised manufacturing system to ensure that all processes are run smoothly through the systems that are in place.

It has imported the manufacturing technology from Germany and has the capacity of producing 40,000 blocks (8”hollow) per day.

The entire machinery is modern and the fleet is trained to ensure smooth functioning of operations at a speed that is imperative to lead the block factory in Dubai market.

Dubai Blocks:

Block factory in dubai

This block factory in Dubai claims to be the leading manufacturer of the concrete blocks and interlocking pavement tiles in the UAE.

In their repertoire, there are many types of blocks namely solid blocks, Hourdi blocks, Thermo blocks, Hollow blocks, uni shape block, square paver, kerbstones, rectangular red blocks, and octagonal blocks to name a few.

Once you liaison with them, you can check the entire solutions that they offer.

The entire process of the company is automized with fully tested and Government approved laboratories.

The factory area is spread over 25,000 square feet making it a large block factory in Dubai.

Mansoor Concrete Block Industry(MaCON):

Mansoor Concrete Block Industry LLC is a block factory in Dubai that caters to the recent trends in the construction industry.

The company was established in the year 1999 and has completed two successful decades of its operation in the Dubai and UAE construction ecosystem.

Stringent on its construction parameters, this company has all the Government approvals in place.

The products offered by Macon are hollow blocks, solid blocks, insulated blocks, Hourdi blocks, lightweight blocks, fencing blocks and wheel stoppers.

DUCON Industries:

This is one of the oldest block factory in Dubai. It began its operations in the year 1969.

The company produces concrete blocks and pavers/interlocks of the highest quality.

The company believes in the motto of service over profits and the entire effort and culture of the organisation are created to keep the customer happy.

The products of DUCON industries include insulated blocks, hollow blocks, solid blocks, cement and a wide range of pavers.

They focus on creating ‘Green’ and environment-friendly products and their lightweight thermal products provide structural savings and reduced energy consumption.

Al Amaar Block Manufacturing:

In business since 2004, Al Amaar Block Manufacturing is a competitive block factory in Dubai.

ABMCO is a company that has relevant experience in supplying products as per defense requirements with a higher rate or acoustics (STC).

 The products of this block factory include lightweight insulated blocks, thermal insulated (sandwich) blocks, normal weight hollow blocks, normal weight solid blocks, Hoodies, roof tiles and lintels for door/window openings

They manufacture blocks as per Green building requirements of Trakhees initiatives.

With many certifications and awards under its belt, this block factory in Dubai has a bright future ahead of it.

Galari Block Factory LLC:

This block factory in Dubai is concrete block manufacturers providing a wide range of concrete blocks in Dubai.

Relatively small in their operation as compared to the big names in the construction industry, this company is suitable to fulfill your concrete block needs for small projects.

Sometimes, the big companies in business do not take upon smaller projects as they work in large scale operations.

Under such circumstances, Galari Block Factory LLC is the perfect block factory in Dubai for you.

Phoenix Concrete Products:

This block factory in Dubai offers all concrete products solutions to the construction industry.

The commitment of Phoenix Concrete products revolves around providing quality products, timely delivery, and customer service.

All the products are testified and certified by the Dubai Municipality before they are supplied. The company was established in the year 2000 and is run on the latest German technology for manufacturing blocks and other products.

The product basket includes hollow blocks of many kinds, solid blocks of many kinds, Hourdi blocks, Phoenix thermoacoustic (sandwich) masonry blocks, tiles of many kinds and pavers of all types.

In all probability when you liaison with Phoneix Concrete Products, you will find the product of your choice.

HMA Block Factory:

Hussain Mohd. Abbas Block Factory or commonly called as HMA Block Factory in Dubai was established in the year 1976.

It is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has been one of the oldest block factories in Dubai.

The products manufactured by them range from Hollow, Solid, Hourdi and Thermally insulated blocks.

The company is stringent on the production process and is certified by the Government.

The blocks here are tested for fire resistance between 2-4 hrs and an acoustic performance from 45dB to 55dB before they are supplied for various construction purposes.

EMCON Block Factory:

block factory in dubai

EMCON block factory in Dubai is the market leader when it comes to the production of concrete blocks, lightweight pumice blocks, thermal blocks, Hourdi blocks, paving tiles, hydraulically pressed tiles, and kerbstone.

Their plants are all equipped with modern technology like MASA and Wet Hydraulic Pressed Plant to produce the products of the highest quality through the latest technology.

This company was established in the year 1978 by Al Naboodah Laing and was part of the group till 2000.

Later, it grew big in size and stature and became an entity of a block factory in Dubai on its own.

Automatic Block Factory:

block factory in dubai

This block factory in Dubai was established in the year 1977 by Al Khayat Group and has been in operation for over three decades.

They are certified by the Dubai Development Authority and maintain the highest standards of efficiency and service.

The factory specializes in producing concrete blocks that are strong, fire-resistant and contain thermal insulation.

These make them ideal for the construction market in Dubai and UAE owing to the hot climates that the area faces.

Although the above-mentioned list is exhaustive, it still may not cover all the names of the players in the market.

While looking for block factory in Dubai, you can choose to evaluate the above-mentioned options at your own discretion.

Since blocks are so essential for any construction business, block factory in Dubai must also be evaluated physically before arriving at a decision.

When you visit the factory, you can actually understand if what is being offered on the website or promised during communication exists in reality or not.

Use the above-mentioned information on block factories in Dubai to get an understanding of the players operating in the market and the choices they offer.

The next step would be to touch base with them and set up a visit. If they fulfill your expectations, you know that you have found a reliable business partner.

The entire objective should be finding a partner for your construction business and not just a supplier.

When both the parties feel equally involved in the projects, the business of both grows leaps and bounds.

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