Top Best Bathroom Contractors That You Won’t Believe

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Bathroom contractors across the world are waking up to the new kind of bathroom interiors desired by the customers of this age. No longer are bathrooms considered to be spaces in the house where you would only visit for a short period of time.

No longer are bathrooms only considered as a space for basic necessities. Bathrooms have redefined themselves.

These days customers look for luxury when it comes to bathroom interiors.

They want to spend a relaxed time in the bathroom and require all the luxuries in the bathroom like a temperature controlled bathtub, sensor fitted taps, bath fittings with minimum sound and what not! Bathroom contractors are providing with all building materials in Dubai of these and much more.

There has been a sudden surge in the market and bathroom contractors are all cashing in on this wave.

Another aspect that has helped the bathroom contractors to present their best offerings to the customers is the construction spree that is going on in Dubai.

There are many hotels and residential complexes coming up and this provides an opportunity to each of the bathroom contractors to provide the companies with ‘state-of-the-art’ bathroom fittings.

Bathroom renovations are also extremely popular these days. With the passage of time, there is wear and tear in the bathrooms. Sometimes, the house is spick and span but the bathroom starts looking old and jaded.

Bathroom contractors help you re-design stylish and sleek bathrooms.

They do not just do the external designing but also change and repair the pipeline system, half-assembled fittings, and all these small aspects that are mostly ignored when you do not engage a good bathroom contractor.

Here are the top best bathroom contractors in and around Dubai who provide exemplary services:

New Evolution Interior Decorators:

New Evolution Interior Decorators are a high-profile interior designing company with expertise in managing and handling entire interior designing solutions for the entire house, office complex or hotel spaces.

When it comes to being bathroom contractors, they offer services like:

  • demolition of the existing bathroom
  • relocation of MEP
  • plastering
  • waterproofing
  • niche box building
  • installation of tiles
  • grouting
  • installation of mirrors and sanitary ware
  • gypsum and ceiling works
  • glass work

As bathroom contractors, New Evolution Interior Decorators also provide you with computer generated 3D visuals of their proposed bathroom so that you get a complete idea of how the final picture will look like.

This is a very unique characteristic of this company where they are assisting you with the image of the final product in a 3D manner.

Most of the bathroom contractors may show you 2D images of their proposed renovations or constructions, but getting a 3D view is a different experience in itself.

You can go on their website to ask for a quote or to set up a meeting with their client representative.

Make sure you specify that you are looking for bathroom contractors so that the services provided are in line with the services desired

BHL Interior Bathroom Contractors:

BHL interior contractors are a one-stop shop for all your bathroom needs. Whether it is bathroom renovation services or constructing a new bathroom, BHL Interiors are one of the best bathroom contractors.

They specialize in creating luxurious bathrooms complete with bathroom glass walls, bathroom fit outs, bathroom tiles, and bathroom vanities. They are specialists in creating luxurious bathrooms even in the smallest of the space.

Creating a new bathroom is different than just decorating the house. Here, there are finer intricacies involved in creating and fitting luxury mechanisms.

Most of the bathroom contractors ignore this aspect and focus only on aesthetics.

With BHL Interior Contractors, you can rest assured that the services provided to you will be pure of professional bathroom contractors.

They are a specialist company with expertise in interior designing and you can check some of their success stories on their website.

There, you can also get an idea about the kind of bathrooms they create and their existing jobs as bathroom contractors.

A company of such repute is seldom unprofessional, however, you must check all aspects before you finalize.

Milestone Garden and Interiors:

Milestone Garden and Interiors are bathroom contractors who have earned a name in providing their customers with the most unique designs in Dubai.

They have professionals for each type of bathroom specification – whether it is full, half or master bath. Their forte lies in providing you with exclusive bathroom designs and fittings which is what makes them stand apart from the others in the business.

Their specialties as bathroom contractors consist of:

  • Personal spa with steam rooms
  • Relaxing rain shower
  • Custom water features
  • Steam Shower
  • Fogless mirrors and other mirrors
  • Luxurious sinks with his and her vanities
  • Intricate wash basins and countertops

When you partner with Milestone Garden and Interiors for your bathroom needs, you can customize your bathroom space with them.

As bathroom contractors, they exclusively deal with luxury items for your bathroom.

However, this does not mean that they do not have the items for a normal low-cost bathroom.

Understanding their business and arranging a meeting with them can help you gauge their offerings as bathroom contractors.

The Big Fitout Bathroom Contractors:

This is a Dubai based company. It is British in origin and specializes in the design and build fit-outs. They have done superior quality work as bathroom contractors for residential villas.

They have in-depth designs and 3D models as designs for bathrooms. When you contact them for your bathroom designing or bathroom renovation needs, you get a blueprint from them for your proposed bathroom.

After you clear this, then they will apprise you about the materials involved, the cost involved, the kind of labor that you would be needing for your job, the timelines and the options that you have in terms of all materials.

They may also connect you with some good quality supplies in Dubai. This company specializes in providing you with the best options at minimum prices.

Sometimes, bathroom contractors may ask you to change the entire plumbing of the bathroom too.

At The Big Fitout, if the existing pipelines are working, they will not change it and rather fix their own services around these existing parameters.

They also emphasize on the lighting of the bathroom and provide you with a huge range of materials to choose from like glass, marble, slate, and tiles.

Algebra Contracting LLC:

Algebra Contracting LLC are interior decorators in Dubai that specialize in all aspects of interior designing. They also work as bathroom contractors for creating bathroom spaces for you or for renovating the existing bathroom setup for you.

They are registered with all Government Authorities like TECOM, CONCORDIA, DMDC, Dubai Municipality and alike. This means that you get the assurance of quality when you partner with them.

At Algebra Contracting, they follow a unique process for designing your spaces. When you contact these bathroom contractors for your needs, they will first set up a meeting with you.

In this meeting, they will present you with all that they can do for you and the projects that they have successfully completed in the past. After this, they will share the concept and the design with you.

These designs are 3D models which will give you a realistic picture of how the final project will look like. The next step is taking approval from the authorities (if any).

After this, they will tell you the final cost and start working on the project. Everything works in a clockwork fashion and in the most professional manner.

B-Living Design Interiors:

This is a company located in Dubai that specializes in all kinds of interiors. Being bathroom contractors is one of the competencies.

Their focus is on building spaces with style and functionality both. This company has an experience of over 15 years.

This means that they have been the witness to the construction wave that has swept all over the UAE in the last decade. Coupled with experience, they design bathroom spaces that are in consonance with the ‘green’ norms applicable in the UAE.

They are bathroom contractors for bathrooms across price range and styles.

When you choose them to be your partner in your construction project or residential project, they will also guide you in terms of the precautions that you need to consider while designing bathrooms.

so that you will not face problems of leakage and seepage when you ultimately put the bathroom to use.

Luxury Antonovich Design:

This is the leading interior design company in UAE that has been in the business since the last 20 years. They specialize in creating luxury spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

They believe in creating contemporary spaces that can be relaxing as well as functional. Once you have constructed a bathroom well, it will serve you for many years.

The overhauling of the bathroom process may take longer than creating a new one. This is because the bathroom is small in size as compared to the other rooms of the house.

In this small space, you need to fit in everything that you need. There is also high humidity in the bathroom so you need to take this into consideration while suggesting or providing bathroom fitments.

All of these are looked after well by a bathroom contractor.

Space 3 LLC:

Space3 is a company that focuses on providing you with affordable solutions. They believe that the market is overpriced and each bathroom contractor will look at making huge profits through your projects. Their products are manufactured in the UK and are exported to Dubai or other cities of UAE. When you partner with them, they will offer you complete installation services. The entire brochure is available on the website and can be downloaded from there. They have created different sections as per the price ranges that they offer as bathroom contractors. These are:

  • The Edge: includes textured woodgrain fascias and usage of woodgrains to create the contemporary look for your bathroom.
  • Neve: includes linear finish and modular bathroom fittings. The entire look is sleek and classy combined with both woodgrain and ceramic options.
  • Amelie: includes solidcolorfittings combining bathroom furniture, matching woodgrain fascias. The entire look is seamless and flawless.
  • Izzy: includes framed look and offers fashionable bathrooms depending on your needs.
  • Modello: includes chunky bathroom fittings and experimentation with manycolors
  • Zen: includes bathroom furniture that is elegant, coupled with sleek and handleless designs.
  • Compact: includes fittings for small spaces and functional solutions for places like cloakrooms and en-suites.

All of the above-mentioned options are amazing as bathroom contractors and also as interior decorators.

These contain bathroom contractors of all ranges – low, medium and high. Each of these is unique in their offerings and can definitely provide you with the kind of bathroom that you are looking for.

The best way to approach these bathroom contractors is to first set a budget for your bathroom renovation or construction. After this, check their website for the kind of bathroom spaces they have created in the past or their specialties.

The cost of a bathroom design project technically consists of the tile laying scheme, the technical details, and all the design elements involves the material cost and the labor cost.

If it resonates with your ideas, then set up a meeting with a couple of these companies and ask for a quote.

A well-constructed bathroom should stand the test of time and should not malfunction in a short time.

Looking at all these aspects, go in for a reputed dealer and never compromise on the quality of materials used!

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