All The Things You Should Know About Bamboo Flooring In Dubai

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a craze that is picking up like never before. Cities and countries where construction activities are at their peak are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable options for creating the new age infrastructure. When it comes to flooring, bamboo flooring in Dubai and other upcoming cities is a rage.

If we specifically talk about bamboo flooring in Dubai, this is in accordance with the Green Building Regulations and Specifications as laid out by the Dubai Municipality.

This is an endeavor to create buildings that give higher standards of performance. Starting from the construction to the living, these constructions would reduce its consumption of natural resources like energy, water, and other materials involved in construction activities.

As a replacement to the hardwood floors, bamboo flooring in Dubai is the most eco-friendly and sustainable option.

What more, it is cheaper than hardwood or tiled floors too! With all of the benefits presented by construction souq, this revolution is set to spread to other parts of the world as well.

Bamboo is the ‘new timber’ and if you are planning to look for properties or are interested in the construction business, do explore the option of bamboo flooring in Dubai.

The process of creating bamboo floorboards

There are 1200 different types of bamboo available around the world. When you choose bamboo for bamboo flooring in Dubai, you have to consider certain parameters for a perfect selection.

These include heat resistance, durability, ability to survive extreme climate conditions and aesthetic beauty, to name a few.

When you look out for bamboo flooring in Dubai, a reliable construction company or a dealer should be able to explain all the nuances involved in bamboo flooring.

Bamboo looks like a grass-like plant but is actually very hard. In fact, a strand woven bamboo is as hard as an ironbark. So, there is no doubt about the tensile strength of bamboo.

This is one of the parameters that you need to convinced about when you research in Dubai. unique trees which take about 15-20 years to harvest, bamboo can be harvested every four to six years.

This essentially means that you are not depleting your natural resources for your need of bamboo flooring in Dubai.

Bamboo floorboards are not prepared through any complex process. A simple fusion of bamboo strands and strips give the basic aesthetic of how bamboo flooring in Dubai will eventually look like.

After this, it is fused under high pressure and heat using adhesives to give it the final shape. Mould of floorboard determines the ultimate shape of the bamboo tiles which are then straight away used like other tiles as bamboo flooring.

Commonly Available Types of Bamboo Flooring In Dubai

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring in Dubai is a rage. There are simple patterns that you can form using bamboo tiles. Since bamboo does not have rings like barks of hardwood trees, the look of bamboo tiles is much suave and sleep.

Based on the manufacturing techniques, bamboo flooring in Dubai can be found in these few common types:


As the name suggests, this type of bamboo flooring in Dubai consists of rectangular laminates or tiles which are about 30 mm in width.

These rectangular tiles are treated to be pest and insect resistant.

Then, these are kiln dried and made ready to be used as bamboo flooring in Dubai. There are two ways in which these are tiled – vertically and horizontally.

Strand Woven:

This is a more intricate type of bamboo tiles. In strand woven bamboo floor tiles, strands of bamboo are cut. These are then glued back to form a sheet or a beam.

After the larger sheet is cut, floorboards for bamboo flooring in Dubai are cut from these. This method of creating tiles is time-consuming but the output derived from this method produces denser and harder tiles than the laminated ones.

Engineered Bamboo:

This is a cheaper type of variation in the bamboo tiles. Similar to engineered wood, the lower layer of the tile consists of plywood and high-density fiber boards.

Only the top layer of this tile consists of a veneer of bamboo. So, the look is the same as any other bamboo flooring in Dubai, but the materials are different.

Method of Installation (Bamboo Flooring Dubai)

Bamboo Floring

If you would closely observe bamboo flooring in Dubai, you would see that there is a glossy finish to the floor.

This finish is provided by the various colors and coatings done on the bamboo tiles. These processes add color and shine to the tiles and make them ready for installation.

As far as installation of bamboo flooring in Dubai is concerned, this is done through two simple methods. 

Floating Floor:

In this method, the floorboards are joined to each other but there is no subfloor to which these are attached. The entire joint structure is sufficient to create the bamboo floor.

Direct adhesion:

In this method, there is a subfloor. The bamboo tiles or floorboards are attached to this subfloor using nails, glue or adhesives.

“The floating floor method is becoming a method of choice for bamboo flooring in Dubai. This method provides a neater look to the entire floor”

There is also no repair work needed as is the case of direct adhesion tiles where some parts of the tile may break off and loosen the floor. However, depending on the expertise of the builder and any one of the two above mentioned methods is picked up.

Advantages Of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring in Dubai comes with many advantages. Any methodology cannot gain popularity if there are no apparent advantages of using it. Here are some of the advantages of bamboo flooring in Dubai:


Bamboo floors have left their hardwood counterparts behind when it comes to durability. A material called un-carbonized bamboo is known to be as hard and strong as red oak. Using un-carbonized strand woven bamboo can be ultimate as it is even sturdier than the hardwood flooring options available in the market.

Modern Style:

Flooring can really change the look of your house. Wooden floors add the richness and style in your house. Using bamboo flooring in Dubai can even increase the worth of your house as it not only us sturdy but also looks extremely modern and stylish.

Choose from various varieties:

There are many styles and colors available in bamboo flooring. Whether you have a particular wood color in mind, you will definitely find that option amongst bamboo floor suppliers in Dubai. Darker colors are created by heat treatment. Both light and dark varieties in bamboo flooring look beautiful. You just have to determine which one goes better with the tone of your furniture.

Eco-friendly option:

Bamboo is the best eco-friendly option available in flooring alternatives. It is strong and sustainable. At the same time, it is a resource which takes fewer years to harvest as compared to trees like oak, birch, and pine.

Easy Maintenance:

Maintaining bamboo flooring in Dubai is very easy and convenient. All you need to do is clean with a mop and a mild soap. Excessive water may damage the shine. Actually, so much maintenance is not even needed and you can go slow on cleaning and scrubbing bamboo floors.

It can be refinished:

Bamboo floors also get scratches and breakages over a period of time. In such cases, refurbishing of the bamboo floors is easy. Sanding the layers on top and then refinishing with new inclusions or polishing can make your floor looking as good as new.

Low Cost:

For all the advantages stated above, the biggest advantage is that you get all this at a very low cost. This resource is available abundantly. Also, less labor and handling is required with bamboo to create it into beautiful floorboards. All of these activities lower the cost of the finished product and is now easily affordable for all those who want bamboo flooring in Dubai.

Disadvantages Of Bamboo Flooring

With so many pros of bamboo flooring, there are bound to be some disadvantages also. Although the advantages may ultimately outweigh the disadvantages, it is still important to know:

Prone to scratches:

In bamboo flooring also there are lower and higher qualities. Lower qualities of bamboo are prone to scratches as their surface is relatively thin. These scratches are common if there are pets in the home or too much movement of furniture.

It is not waterproof:

The disadvantage of using any kind of wood flooring is that it is not waterproof. Over a period of time, wear and tear of the tiles happen due to water damage. However, if you quickly dry your floor, the water may not be able to damage much of the surface.

Not suitable for humid places:

Humidity breeds mold and microorganisms that may damage the surface of the floor. These bamboo planks can also expand and become loose in humid areas. Since Dubai is a dry place, the problems that arise from continuous humidity may not occur. This makes as a safe option.

Design Restrictive:

It becomes restrictive in designs as there isn’t much that you can do with the designs. Patterns on bamboo tiles are similar and therefore, variations become restrictive.

Spurious harvesting activities:

There is a particular time in the life of a bamboo plant when it becomes ready to be harvested. Sometimes, if demand is higher than the supply, this harvesting is done early.

In such cases, the strength and the tensility of the bamboo floorboards may be compromised. Soft bamboo flooring in Dubai is more prone to wear and tear and longevity if less.

Make sure you check this aspect when you make your purchase. Also, some spurious harvesting occurs.

This depletes the natural resources instead of sourcing the bamboo from the farms where it is being grown and harvested for the purpose of providing the raw material for the construction.


After knowing everything possible about, make sure you contact the right suppliers. A reliable supplier can really get involved with you in the process of creating your dream home.

Flooring is an integral part of any house. Whether it is an apartment or a single unit construction, you must seek for experts in flooring.

Investing in a house is an investment of a lifetime. Make sure when you decide to choose bamboo flooring in Dubai, you always choose the best.

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